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Magnesium-aluminum laminate is a new type of multilayer composite sheet that uses magnesium alloy as the substrate and aluminum alloy as the cladding. It has excellent mechanical properties(high yield strength, high tensile strength, good elongation, and good electrical and thermal conductivity). Th
Based on the development history of cone crusher, this paper introduces the classification and working principle of cone crusher. Combined with the research situation of cone crusher at home and abroad, this paper discusses the development status of cone crusher from four aspects: energy consumption
The spreader is the key equipment in the continuous and semi-continuous mining process of open-pit mine. This paper introduces the working principle and structural characteristics of the common spreader,as well as the domestic and foreign development process and research status of the spreader, then
Firstly, this paper focuses on the basic principle and processing characteristics of ball spinning.The common types and deformation characteristics of pipe fittings in the current ball spinning industrial manufacturing are summarized. Then, according to the research results of ball spinning, the dev