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Magnesium alloy is used to replace steel in transportation equipment, and its lightweight is conducive to the realization of carbon emission reduction goals. Therefore, the research of magnesium alloy heavy equipment is of great significance. According to the physical and chemical analysis method, t
Based on the indirect extrusion, an indirect effective friction extrusion method was proposed. The specific control mode and process route are described in detail. This paper introduces the technical characteristics of new process for a horizontal double action indirect effective friction extrusion.
This paper introduced the technical parameters and technological process of a polishing and coating machine new built in an aluminum process company. The machine can carry out the unstacking, polishing, marking, coating, and stacking of aluminum plate by the control means of auto, semi-auto and manu
The composition and micro-structure of 1K101 film of Fe-based amorphous strip were studied by electron probe microscopes(EPMA)and metallographic microscopes, the electrochemical corrosion behavior of Fe-based amorphous strip 1K101 in chloride ion solution with concentration of 2.4 mol/L, ph=2.14, ph
To the problem of low casting speed of bar and wire continuous casting for a domestic steel companies, this paper dynamically set thermal properties with considering heat flow changes of corner area for continuous casting section of 120 t steel production line, and established billet temperature fie
According to the deviationcaused by the billet taper in the ring rolling process of large 6061 aluminum alloy cylinder, the deviation mechanism and the deviation control strategy are studied. Thermal simulation experiments were performed on 6061 aluminum alloy specimens at different temperatures and
Various surface defects often appear on the surface after pickling steel strip, the defects may be caused by pickling process or hot rolling process. For the two kinds of defects of edge rust band and side patch, firstly, the specific producing defects section is analyzed.Then the macro and micro ch
In view of the problem of coil looseness during coiling in acid rolling mill, considering the equipment and process characteristics of acid rolling mill, the comprehensive evaluation function of coil tightness is determined by coil tightness function, interlayer slip and radius uniformity, and then