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    This journal mainly aims to report the developing direction, latest research findings and application of new technology and new equipment in respect of smelting, rolling and forging equipment as well as associated electric and hydraulic drive control, dust abatement and environmental protection, computer, basis parts, standard parts and components, etc. with engineering and technical personnel, management staff, skilled workers and college teachers and students majored in metallurgy, mechanics or engaged in the research, teaching, design, manufacture, use and maintenance thereof as primary target readers. Not only is the journal widely published in China, it is also well known abroad with a good relation with Japan, Germany, Britain, Russia, etc. established for journal distribution and exchange. In order to put up a bridge between production, supply and marketing to promote the countrys economic development, the journal also provides advertising service. Welcome the enterprises producing or dealing in mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, lubrication and other products to advertise in the journal. 
    The Heavy Machinery, started publication in 1953, is a technical journal in heavy machinery (metallurgy) industry approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP). The bimonthly journal is sponsored by China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute, and published both at home and abroad. Since 1992, the journal has been incorporated into the List of Chinese Core Periodicals, embodied in The Engineering Index (Ei), identified as an important Chinese magazine for academic degree and postgraduate education by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council and the Postgraduate Office of the State Education Commission, and included in Chinese Scientific and Technical Paper Citation Database (CSTPCD), Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED), Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), China Journal Net, and Chinese Academic Journal (CD edition). The Heavy Machinery has won several awards for outstanding scientific and technical journals, e.g. a national third prize in 1997, a provincial first prize of Shaanxi in 1990, a ministerial second prize awarded by Ministry of Machine-Building Industry in 1995, a bureau-level second prize awarded by National Machinery Bureau in 1999, and a provincial first prize of Shaanxi in the same year. The journal was selected to China Journal Phalanx in 2001, and embodied in CSTPCD (China Scientific &Technical Core Periodical) by MOST in 2004. In 2007, GAPP made a comprehensive assessment on over 7300 Chinese periodicals for publication quality, in which the Heavy Machinery was rated as a Class-A journal while only 30% of the technical journals was qualified. In the same year, the Heavy Machinery was presented a Standard and Outstanding Journal Award in publication form of technical journal by Shaanxi province. 
    Journal tenets: In light of the present status, position, role and development trend of the heavy machinery in China, this journal aims to provide a platform for production, studies and research of the industry to communicate and exchange with each other, and build a bridge of communication between writers and readers so as to increase the competitive strength of Chinas heavy machinery industry, promoting the rapid, healthy and stable development of Chinas economy. 
    Distribution channels: The journal Heavy Machinery is published both at home and abroad with an international standard serial number (ISSN) of ISSN 1001-196X, a Chinese standard serial numbering (CSSN) of CN61-1113/TH, and a post issue code of 52-38. Each issue has a circulation of over 7,000 copies with more than 50,000 direct readers. In order to improve the popularity and position of the journal, we were also present in some exhibitions in recent years, distributing the copies free of charge.